Friday, 4 November 2011


Apologies for not having posted in a while, I've been lazy and keep forgetting about projects half way through! Here's what I'm working on at the minute:

I'm covering a cork notice board with fancy fabric donated by my Nan, I've covered it and studded it, and while show a photo of the finished product once I've made room to hang it!

I'm also decoupaging an old mobile which used to hang in the bathroom, I cleverly lost the photo I took of it before I painted it white, but you get the picture. I'll show it hanging when the bathroom is (finally) finished, complete with bunting, new curtains, walls, shower and trinket shelves. Eek!

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  1. I've been disappearing from the blogosphere this week too but with my own personal projects taking over! I look forward to pictures of the projects you're working on :D


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