Monday, 27 February 2012

5 Cheer Up Blogs

Everybody has down days, some people go to the gym to feel better, some eat lots of sugary foods and some spend time with their loved ones. For me there is nothing better than to browse through pretty blogs for inspiration for a happy day. Here are some of my favourites:

This Blog features Melanie's favourite things and links to other pretty blogs on subjects like fashion, interior design, crafts and shopping.

Hey Look is an Events Styling Blog; it features inspirational colour schemes, a sneak peek at other people's gorgeous events (weddings, birthdays etc.) and craft tutorials.

This is actually the first big blog I came across, and I still love it. The writer (Jordan Ferney) lives in Paris with her husband and 2 boys, and features photos and design tutorials from her life there. I have to say it does make me extremely jealous, but it's great for getting ideas.

Joanna Goddard describes her blog to be about 'Fashion, Design, Photography, Bikes & The People I Love'. I love to open this page in the morning when I wake up, it really puts me in the mood to get creative and make an effort to achieve things. 

Elsie Larson, hipster extraordinare. She has a fantastic collection of vintage cameras, and features pretty outfits, recipes, decor and craft projects. Oh, and she runs a vintage boutique called Red Velvet. I'm Jelly.

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