Sunday, 19 February 2012

Easter Plans

As always, i'm planning way ahead! Deflated after the Christmas period and far too soon for summer plans i'm looking at the events in between. Namely the mother of all things chocolatey, EASTER.
Weather and friends-returning-from-university permitting, this is the essence of what I want to create for Easter Saturday:

1. Individual Wicker Baskets for egg collecting.
2. Berry Smoothies, to keep everyone's eyes fresh and hunt-ready.
3. Well, I wont be baking this, but look at the rainbow cake!
4. 'Tea Dress/ Chinos&Shirt' dress code, we aren't animals.
5. BUNTING. The wondrous stuff that turns anywhere charming. 
6. Easter Eggs. Ordinarily the Easter Bunny hides these in quite obvious places, but we're in our twenties now, so expect tree climbing and clues.
7. Mason Jar Tealights. A staple of any event, i'm planning to hang them with pastel ribbons around the garden.
8. Easter Bunny Cupcakes. 'Nuff said. 


  1. Sounds so festive and fun! PS. I mentioned you today on my blog... ;)

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable!


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