Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Having an Ugly Day?

Ugly Day: i'm talking about the days where you wake up to hair that will not behave, an outbreak all over your face and clothes that are in the wash or feel clingy leading you to believe you've instantly gained 10Ibs. Let's face it, once you're in your third pair of trousers and you're still struggling with muffin tops, there's not salvaging your mood for the day. (But i'm going to try).

I have two fixes for you:
1) Reassurance
2) Inspiration

So first of all, take a look at the pictures of even the most preened of people looking rough.

Pixie Lott

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Cameron Diaz

This is photographic evidence that puffy skin, angry outbreaks, flat and flyaway hair and that unshakable sleepy expression plagues us all, and irritating as it is we all have to suck it up and carry on.

Things to remember when you're having an off-day:
- its okay to pile on concealer even though you're supposed to let bad skin breathe, and carry on caking it on throughout the day anyway.

-its okay to avoid mirrors completely and pretend you don't have a reflection.

-its okay to cancel appointments/lunches/meetings because you're too irritable about your appearance under the pretense that you're unwell.

-its okay to get back into bed, put the tv on and stuff your face and then pretend the day didn't happen. (sometimes!).

Now for the Inspiration part.

Hair - She Lets Her Hair Down (Gorgeous hair ideas with tutorials)

Beauty- Of Faces and Fingers (Trend updates and ideas)

Fashion - ChicWish (if you fancy treating yourself)

Lifestyle - Cupcakes and Cashmere (Fashion, Food, Home etc.)

Hope that helps! xxx

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