Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sock Monkey Tutorial

Good Thursday Dollfaces!
I've been asked to make a few of these sock monkeys as presents, so it made sense to share the method. Its pretty quick and you only need basic supplies:
  • A pair of socks (they don't have to be fluffy).
  • Scissors
  • Cotton in a matching colour.
  • Something to stuff with (I used wadding, but cotton wool balls work too)
  • Buttons

1) Turn one sock inside out and lie it flat as in the first panel, and cut straight along the ankle part so it looks like panel 2.
2) Sew along the yellow lines shown in the second photo (I used a sewing machine today but I've hand sewn them before too), making sure you've left the crotch unsewn.
3) Turn the sock back in the right way and stuff it.
4) Hand sew the crotch shut and leave to one side.
5) Place the other sock flat on the table, and cut into sections as shown in 5, then sew along the yellow lines.
6) You'll be left with a tail, two arms, a heel and a toe.
7) Stuff and sew on the tail and arms and you'll have something like number 7.
8) Use the toe of the sock as a mouth, sewing around the edges and stuffing slightly before closing it up.
9) Sew on the buttons as eyes and some ears (I used felt for my ears), and make a smile using some embroidery thread or wool, and you're done!

If you give it a try let me know how it goes! :) xx

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