Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Giant Beans and Asylums

Forgive the fact that I saw it on the Daily Mail website, I really want to take a trip to see this derelict asylum in Lincolnshire. I'd so love to get my hands on the space to restore and repurpose the building!

I was planning on going back to football training tonight, but now I can't because I hurt my ankle. Don't laugh, (although I wont know if you do) but I fell over this afternoon because i was wearing new shoes on laminate flooring. This is a pretty accurate representation of what happened...

Hopefully it's fixed in the morning because I'm taking a tour around some part of London or other (last time it was to see churches that survived the Great Fire of London).

Also, tomorrow evening I'm staying late at uni to sit in on a lecture from Aran Chadwick, the man behind Atelier One, who worked with Anish Kapoor to bring us Cloud Gate, Chicago (aka The Bean).

Happy Wednesday! xoxo

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