Friday, 18 October 2013

People Fell Over a Lot Today

I want so many things from Poppin, pity that I already have too much stationary...

A lady fainted on my feet this morning, it happened a lot like this:

Luckily there was a trainee nurse on the train and a kind woman who spent 10 minutes fanning her on the floor. I found it so funny that it was only the women that came to the rescue while the men tended to play on their phones like nothing happened. But more to the point: SCREW YOU LONDON MIDLAND! (And well done general public).

Last night at the pub, a friend who shall remain nameless (it might rhyme with with King Pee), informed us that she prefers the girth of a Japanese chopstick, but the length of a Chinese pair.

And now for something different, here are some cats underneath some stuff!

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